buildingvancouver is a spin-off blog from ‘The Changing City’ a blog on contemporary Vancouver development, based on the book of the same name.

It includes background material on some of the people associated with historic buildings that can still be found today in Vancouver, British Columbia. Recent developments in internet accessible material, including Heritage Vancouver’s Building Permits, the 1891, 1901, 1911 (and now 1921) Canadian Census and early City Directories available online from Vancouver Public Library allow us to research and report on early development projects in greater detail than ever before.

You might also enjoy our more active, but sometimes less detailed historical blog, Changing Vanvouver

The blog will slowly evolve as new material comes to light and older posts get edited, and as new posts get added. We’re doing our best to make the content as accurate as possible, but relying on sources like early newspapers and reminicences will obviously create the possibility of inaccuracy. From time to time you may find that we’ve added to, and in some cases corrected, an entry you’ve already looked at.

If you want to add any additional information, please send us a comment.

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